Katy Perry‘s Twitter account was hacked last night and the hackers used rather worst language. Katy Perry’s 89 million Twitter followers likely woke up to a shock this morning following a series of dirty words posted to the social media site. After a hacker took control of the Katy’s account.

The people also tweeted “miss u” and tagged Katy’s rival Taylor Swift in the tweet, making her fans rather furious. The offensive tweets were deleted after fifteen minutes of them being posted. But screenshots have already been taken. Katy has yet to comment on the hack, likely because Twitter is still trying to solve the problem and find the person or persons responsible.

The hacker @sw4ylol, reportedly based out of Romania, also shared a SoundCloud link to “Witness 1.3.”, which is believed to be Katy’s unreleased song. However, the song was taken down later after a copyright claim by Universal Music Group. The tweets from Katy’s account were deleted 15 minutes after they were posted and the password to the account was changed to a more complex one. Despite the platform’s security measures, the incident proved that no one’s Twitter account is completely safe – especially if they are a celebrity.

Some fans, however, quickly began to speculate that the handle @Sw4ylol was to blame. While the new account first tweeted, “Who TF is Katy Perry,” another message soon appeared with a Soundcloud link featuring an unreleased Katy song. A Twitter spokesperson said, “We do not comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons.” Katy Perry’s representatives were not immediately available for comment when contacted by CNBC.

Katy Perry is the latest in a string of stars to have their Twitter account hacked including Swift and Justin Bieber.

Featured Image Source:www.localpress.co.in