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Twitter trolls Salman Khan after he said that Blackbuck had a natural death.

On 27 January Bollywood actor Salman Khan appeared in the Jodhpur court and said that he was not guilty of killing the 19-year- old blackbuck poaching case and stated that the blackbuck died of natural causes. According to the reports of a daily, it was stated that the forensic reports of Dr. Nepalia died of the natural cause was true but rest all the evidence that was shown to the court were false.
When asked to him whether he had gone for shooting blackbuck and he refused it. He further says that the blood stains were false and even the hair of the blackbuck that was found on the jeep. The 51-year-old actor was asked questions by Chief Judicial Magistrate Dalpat Singh Rajpurohit after which the actor was pleaded for innocence. It was said that he had not committed any crime and there will provide more evidence to prove him innocent in the next hearing.
Many Twitter users wrote that a kid who does not do their homework makes a better excuse then Salman Khan and the other uses says that he is a better actor in court rather than in his movie.Twitterati was confused with the illogical excuses given by Salman Khan, and these were the priceless reactions.


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