Recently, Twinkle Khanna innocently joked about the issue surrounding Sri Sri Ravishankar and his recent Nobel Prize Controversy. Twinkle, who is now a columnist and author, has displayed her funny side a number of times. Twinkle tweets, “Sri Sri got his noble foot and half his beard stuck in his mouth in a yogic pose that Baba Ramdev perfected a while ago.” #HolyMenandHairyTales
It was just a joke, but apparently that’s enough to hurt feelings these days as Art of Living fans on Twitter seemed to take offence and demanded a ban on her husband’s upcoming movie ‘Housefull 3’. It wasn’t just the regular trolls that meander aimlessly on Twitter with their display pics. Darshak Hathi, the International Director of the Art of Living Foundation, also took aim at Twinkle. Darshak threatened Twinkle in a tweet, which has since been delete, “Millions of followers r going 2 boycott #Houseful3 4 hurting the sentiments by inappropriate and ill intended comments f @mrsfunnybones on Sri Sri.”
While Twinkle Khanna replied, “Didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings was meant to be a joke and am old enough to accept an error of judgement on my part.” Hathi replied, “Error of Judgement or Fear of #BoycottHousefull3. Anyway Being Old & Being wise is different thing.” Twinkle as per usual was not going to bow down to such treats as she wrote, “Art of living teacher practicing Art of intimidation? Didn’t like my joke diss me-drag my husband,boycott etc #Shame”. Hathi, too, then apologized for his tweet and wrote, “@mrsfunnybones it happens when sentiments are hurt. No hard feeling. Sorry if you r hurt.”



Hey Guys! What do you think about Twinkle Khanna’s tweet about Ravi Shankar?