Turning 18? Here are few things about life you will learn as you become an adult!

Are you turning 18 soon? Well, you must be excited about your coming birthday and must have made bigger plans for the D-day. All this is good, but have you realised that turning 18 is going to change your life (a little though). As you turn 18 you begin to be treated as an adult, legally and officially. The childhood goof-ups that you have been doing will no longer be overlooked. We definitely don’t want to scare you, but this post will tell about few life experiences you will learn soon as you turn 18!

1. You suddenly become an adult in a single day. Parents will start bombarding you with heavy stuffs such as ’18 ke ho gaye ho, ab to samaj jao’.

2. If you are a girl child, every member in your family starts looking up to you as the next prospective bride. Here the parents are questioned as ‘larki 18 ki ho gayi, kuch socha ki nahin iske bare mein’. Yes this still happens even in the 21st century.

3. So finally you are 18. You feel on the top of the world as you can now make your own decisions (not to forget to own up to it as well).

4. Your friends will be super happy for you. They think that you are legally entitled to do all that you want to. Well, they will learn about this half-truth when they turn 18 soon.

5. Waiting for those few months to turn 18 becomes unbearable for you. You tend to start proclaiming the world that you are 18 now. Being 17 seems too childish now.

6. You start day-dreaming in your fantasy world. Most of the teenagers start believing that soon they will have their own home and car! Needless to tell it’s a virtual reality.

7. Not only this, some teenagers believe that turning 18 will remove all the restrictions imposed on them.

8. If you are in a relationship, turning 18 will tempt you to do forbidden things. You both might begin to think if it can be done later, why not now.

9. Turning 18 is definitely fun, yet you tend to have some mixed feelings. While you are excited about being called an ‘adult’ finally at the back of the mind you question yourself if you ever wanted to grow big.

10. Last but never the least, some teenagers begin to think that the illicit stuff they did in the past few years they could do that legally soon after turning 18.

Even though age is just the number but the responsibility and the feeling one gets while turning 18 is immense, you in your heart knows that you are an adult now and are many things you can easily do, like getting a driving license.


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