The Internet is the Best Place to be in contact with everyone. Social media sites are helping everyone to stay in touch with their near and dear ones. We people love to share all moments of our life on social media sites. We always keep our self-updated on Social media sites. Social media is the best place to spread the hoax and people never mind to share the posts and sometimes they don’t even verify the details of the posts.

The Truth Behind The Viral Post Of Beautiful Female Police Officer Harleen Mann

A post of Harleen Mann is going viral on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter for some days now. People believe her to be SHO of Punjab police, Bathinda police station.

Harleen Mann posted this pic and after that post, this photo went viral on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. People are not ready to believe that she is Police Officer from Punjab police, Bathinda police station.

Just take a look at her pic:

Harleen is looking so gorgeous that all the netizens are going crazy about her beauty. As she is pretty, all of them are sharing her pic and commenting like, “Harleen Mann, Punjab Police..people are in a queue to get arrested.”

Check Out some of the comments on her picture:

Even if you are thinking that this gorgeous beautiful lady is an SHO, then you are totally wrong. Harleen Mann is not a police officer but she an ACTRESS! Yes, she is not a POLICE OFFICER.

Harleen’s real name is Kainaat Arora and she was seen in few movies. She was also seen in Bollywood movie “Grand Masti”.

For now, she is busy in the shoot for a Punjabi Film entitled “Jagga Jiunda E”. In the movie she is playing a role of a police offer Harleen Mann.

Kainaat Arora cleared all the rumors of her as a police officer. On her Instagram, she uploaded a picture of her and captioned it as,“Dear People … harleen maan is my character name in the film #jaggajiundae .. it’s just a #film .. my phone memory is bombarded with forwards Frm al over d world , people sending messages & jokes : ready to get arrested etc .. I Am no REAL POLICE .. 3 days and stil this photo is viral across the continent #WillTheRealKainaatPleaseStandUp #Viral&how #love&light”

We request everyone to verify all the details before sharing a post with others.

Did you guys also think Kainaat a real police officer?