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Trump calls the leader of Taiwan, this creates anger among the people of China.

In a break with decades-long diplomatic tradition, Donald Trump, US President elect directly spoke to  president of Taiwan, and by this…

By Administrator in News on December 3, 2016

In a break with decades-long diplomatic tradition, Donald Trump, US President elect directly spoke to  president of Taiwan, and by this move there was a irritated response from China and were all set to be apprehensive against the US policy towards Asia. It is not parallel for the US president or president-elect to directly have a word with the leader of Taiwan, a island which was self-governing, where US broke the diplomatic ties with it in 1979.

In the first comments of the call which was seemingly not so important and the significance was less, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that on Saturday the contact between Taiwan’s president and Trump was “just a small trick by Taiwan” that he believed the US policy toward China would not change.

Wang was quoted as saying as,” The ‘One-China’ policy is the cornerstone of the healthy development of China-US relations and we hope this political foundation will not be damaged or interfered with.” Since 1979, Washington has pursued a so-called “One China” policy, after it shifted its identification of China from the government in Taiwan to the communist government on the mainland. Under this policy, US recognised Beijing as representing China but keeps the ties with Taiwan.

A statement from Trump’s teams says that the President spoke to Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, who offered her congratulations on Friday. During the discussion it was noted that the economic, political, and security ties between Taiwan and the United States were closed. The statement also says that Trump has also congratulated the President of Taiwan earlier this year.

Later Trump tweeted:

The Taiwanese presidential office released a statement on this Sunday saying that Trump and Tsai discussed issues which were affecting Asia and the future of US relations with Taiwan. The Taiwan president is looking forward to strengthening interactions and contacts as well as setting up close relations. The president also told US President that she hopes the US will support Taiwan’s efforts in having more opportunities to participate in and contribute to international affairs in the future.

The two also discussed and shared ideas and concepts on ‘promoting domestic economic development and strengthen the national defence’, and improve the lives of ordinary people.China would want to highlight to the upcoming administration, the risks involved in any form of signal from the United States that it supports strengthening the relationship between Taiwan and US under the president.

That is true. Yet international relations are full of notion and anger among the leader of over a third of the world’s population that is 2.6 billion people in three days renders more danger in already tensed world.

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