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Here are top 10 places in India to visit under a budget of 5000.

Your material things will doze off but the memories of exploration stay for a lifetime. Travel has always been the…

By Administrator in Travel on December 31, 2016

Your material things will doze off but the memories of exploration stay for a lifetime. Travel has always been the best escape from your daily routine life. Just in case, you want a trip and escape with a low budget there is every solution to a problem. India has the most beautiful views which won’t cost you much a weekend gateway in your pocket budget is nowhere far. Here are some exciting places in India where you can easily travel on a budget of Rs.5000.

1. Goa – More than Beaches.

Goa is known for its beaches it is surrounded by water which makes the place beautiful. The beauty of the beaches is there from the time Portuguese ruled the state and still all the historic ancient monuments are inscribed in the Portuguese tradition. Other than beaches there are a lot of churches in the small state and above all, there are many hidden exploration travelers are trying to explore in Goa. It’s a perfect gateway to chill.


2. Vrindavan – Where God still lives.

The forest land of Vrindavan in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh was the playground of Lord Krishna. The  ISKCON Temple is the oldest temple in Vrindavan and lies the real spirit of Lord Krishna and their followers preach devoting their whole life to Lord Krishna. Holi festival of Vrindavan is epic that’s the best time to go there and rejoice the color of joy. Lord Krishna’s birth place has vibes so positive and pure.


3. Rishikesh – Home of Ganga.

Rishikesh is the city of rivers while the home of the purest river Ganga in India. Tributaries of the largest river flow through this city. Water never is dirty or impure when you feel thirsty. River rafting in Rishikesh who does not know about that. Adventure through the waves of water is terribly amazing and a great adventure. It’s easy from Delhi and most adventurous in the winter season in a very low budget.


4. Pondicherry – Many-Faced Decoded.

On the southeast coast of India in the state of Tamil Nadu lies Pondicherry. From biking on the beaches to the rooftops cafe Pondicherry makes it a fantasy land. The Riviera of the East has French colonial style buildings and refinement separated from the boomtown India. From all its buildings to its architecture everywhere its like mini France. Exploring such places would be a traveler’s dream.


5. Kasol – Walk the View.

Kasol in Himachal Pradesh dazzles with hippie style bars & restaurants along with that Goa-like aura which is captured in its majestic mountains. A little far from Delhi but the thing you will enjoy most is the journey itself. The journey would be in your 5000 budget and you cannot miss such views on a small budget. Mountains on one side and the rivers flow on the other camping at it’s best.


6. Hampi – City of Ruins.

If you are anywhere in and around Bengaluru, Hampi, city of ruins is a must visit.  Hampi is one of the most frequently visited places in India by history buffs. This city is something different which you can explore and write about, while it cannot be compared to the views of North. The aroma is different altogether here. Hydrebadi’s cannot miss this place at all.


7. Binsar – Perfect panoramas.

A perfect natural beauty for tourism just 400 kms away from Delhi. This is surely one of the rare places which you can visit. Calm, chilled, peaceful plan this break for Binsar and find peace in the mountain view from your windows early morning. The beauty of  Binsar will surely leave you in a thrill. Wildlife Sanctuary is most famous of Binsar which you cannot miss.


8. Kanyakumari – The abode of Goddess Parvati.

The end of India is as beautiful as it’s peak. Kanya Kumari resides with beautiful beaches, cascading waterfalls, and the magnificent Kanyakumari Temple. It is surrounded on all three sides with the Bay of Bengal. The sunrise and the sunset views are worth watching with the purity of the city where goddess Parvati lies in the soul of Kanyakumari. Exploration to such places in 5000 what can be cheaper than this.


9. Jim Corbett – Paw Prints.

The giant paw prints in the dense greenery silently escorting you somewhere is Jim Corbett. This place is especially known for Tiger sighting and other wildlife animals. Wildlife photographers this is your place you cannot miss it. No Corbett tour is complete without a wildlife safari into the National Park. Corbett tour is very cheap from Delhi and a lot of exploration in your little fist.

jim corbett

10. Mussorie – Queen of Hills.

Mussorie is visited whenever someone goes to Ooty but nevertheless the place is always a peaceful destination. Who does not love seeing the best view early morning with the warm cup of tea. Everyone who lives in Delhi, Punjab or Haryana can easily plan with a budget of 5000 to this beautiful hill station for a break. It’s sightseeing and views are just amazing and will never make your eyes satisfied.


Let the world go around with your backpack for this break within your budget of 5000 and explore India. From mountains to historic the country has everything with its epic beauty inside and on the borders. Exploration in India is never going to end.

In your pocket size budget, go all around and explore. What are you waiting for?

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