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11 Amazing Travel Hacks That Will Help You Save Your Money In Foreign Trip!!

Whether you call them travel tips or travel hacks, there are hundreds of ways to save your money while traveling. New…

By Administrator in Featured Travel on May 12, 2016

Whether you call them travel tips or travel hacks, there are hundreds of ways to save your money while traveling. New travel tips are constantly coming out. Never have we been in a better position to make full use of the sharing of knowledge from one traveler to another. Everyone has his or her own trusty, money-saving tricks, but there are still plenty of great budget travel tips out there that many don’t utilize.

These travel tips will not only make you a much smarter traveler, but also a much more skilled traveler. You’ll never have more time to travel than when you are a student. Travelling has the unique ability to open your mind to new cultures, customs, languages, and lifelong friends. It is such a rich experience. That doesn’t mean you need to be rich to travel. You just need to be smart and hack the system.

Here Are 11 Amazing Travel Hacks That Will Help You Save Your Money In Foreign Trip –

1. Don’t look for hotels, try booking a Homestay.

If you are planning for holidays, this travel hack, tip will help you save lot of money. Instead of looking for a hotel, opt for Homestay. Homestay option will help you to know more about the place, people, culture and tradition. This option will also help you to save handful of money.

2. When buying your flight tickets.

Always book a round trip, in advance. Don’t ever book two different flights. Round trip fares are much cheaper than single trip ones. Even with hidden extras like paying for checking in your luggage, their prices are pretty good, especially over longer distances.  To get the best fares, book and plan you trip far in advance as possible.

3. Clear your cache when visiting any airfare website.

Usually, most of the websites drop a cookie in your browser which is later used to increase airfares when you are searching for the same destination repeatedly. Navfree is a free app for iPhone and Android, which turns a GPS smartphone into a sat-nav you can use in cars or on foot. Pre-load your journeys and it’ll show you your location without using any data because they’re stored offline in your phone!

4. Book in advance, but not TOO far in advance.

Found that on average it’s best to book just 7 weeks before you fly. But this differs based on where you’re flying. Check out their savvy list to see if your holiday destination is there, and work out how many weeks in advance it’s best to book.

5. A great way to save money is by buying the currency before travelling.

Using your credit card overseas may seem like an easy option but most banks charge a fee for converting the forex. So unless the conversion rate one a particular day is exceptionally low, always use cash instead of card. Holidaymakers are always advised to get their holiday money in advance from travel shops, supermarkets and even online in order to get the best rates. If possible, purchase slightly more currency than needed, as the rates get better the more you purchase. It also saves on bank charges for withdrawing money whilst abroad. On the plus side, if you come home with more than you need you can always get it changed back or save it for your next holiday.

6. Be flexible with your traveling dates.

If your hotel and airfare are going a little over your budget, toggle with the dates a bit and book something that suits your pocket. Also, avoid booking on a holiday or over a weekend, the rates are usually the highest during these times. Track flight costs and purchase between Tuesday and Thursday. Many airlines release their latest sales to the public late on Monday.

7. Try to travel in the off season.

Apart from being almost 50% cheaper, travelling off season also eliminates the extra crowd! Need I say more? If you choose to travel in the off season, you find that most related expenses will be cheaper—including large purchases like plane tickets or activity packages. You’re likely to find great deals on accommodations, too. You can even find lower prices on services like Airbnb and other hotel alternatives where the hosts set the rates. Of course, other costs will not be lower—like food. You can still use other tactics to cut down on these expenses, though.

8. Carry your Student ID card.

because many museums and amusement parks offer student discounts. So, if you still have a student ID you can save tons of money. Even if you’ve recently graduated, always bring your student ID overseas with you. People don’t usually check to see if you’re still in school, and you get a whole bunch of discounts.

9. Avoid using taxis and embrace public transport.

You can save a lot of money on commuting by purchasing a bus or a tube pass. Buy one that lasts you for the entire time of your holiday and you can be sure, you will have some extra money for other things. Even though it may seem like a daunting task to learn a public transportation system in a new city, it’s not so difficult. Paying for taxis adds up quickly and is a total waste; taking public transit or simply walking will contribute to your travel experience.

10. Take advantage of Free Wi-fi.

Calling might give you high calling rates. Skipping calling and getting connected over Wi-Fi with messaging service might help you to save few pennies. Many hotels now-a-days offer Wi-Fi which can be used by travelers visiting the place.

11. Set a daily budget.

Some days you may plan on taking part in activities and some days you may just want to lounge around by the pool, so it’s no surprise that your spending will fluctuate from day to day. A good tip for making your money last is to set a budget each day, and then anything left over at the end of the day can be rolled over and added on to the next day’s allowance. This is a surefire way to ensure you have money to spend every day for the duration of your holiday.

Don’t miss these 11 hacks to get more for your money while travelling abroad.

Travelling gives you an awesome experience. Travelling abroad gives you an excellent opportunity to explore different things. Not too many people get opportunities to visit new places. If not planned in the good way, Travelling might head to stressful state. At the end of the trip, people keep calculating how much was spent and how much was saved?

Travel hacking is more than that. It is about bringing costs as close to zero as possible. Since only the die-hards really want to spend hours and hours putting together mileage routes that might get them 100 extra miles or reading the fine print to find a loophole they can exploit.

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