India’s western music scene has evolved from revolutions of rock to the current craze for electronic dance music. The demand for different genres has led to number of well-organised festivals. The biggest ones are usually in the biggest cities and in places where its easily accessible to tourists too and has chilled scenes.

When one talks about any kind of festival, you just can’t ignore India. Since their inception in India, music festivals have prospered year by year, city by city, most of them at exotic locations, leaving you no choice, but to get down to no holds barred enjoyment. From there, traditional Indian music including Classical, Light Classical and Folk music, became a part of life for every Indian. But, under the influence of global culture, Indian society has fallen in love with Western music, too. Interaction with Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, etc.

It’s hard to put a finger on what makes traveling to a music festival so fulfilling. It’s not just the musicians. It’s not just the people who turn up. It’s not just the destination. It’s how much of yourself you add to it all, how much you are willing to venture into a new world of music with the spirit of discovery that is so essential for enjoyable travel.

With the rising scenes in music festivals in India in recent years, festival organizers have started coming up with some really quirky and interesting ways to spice up the festival experience. The Indian music festival is fast putting down roots all over the country. On the beach, in the hills, under a banyan tree, inside a fort, the sounds are emanating loud and clear. Here are our favorite 10 top Indian music festivals worth traveling for :

1. Mood Indigo, Mumbai –

Mood indigo

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Mood Indigo is the institute’s annual cultural festival, attracting over 75,000 students from approximately 500 colleges all over the country. It is touted as Asia’s largest college festival. It also attracts the biggest names in the world of arts, culture, dance, singing and music who perform at the various events slated for four action-packed days at its sprawling lake-side campus in Powai, central Mumbai suburbs.

2. VH1 Supersonic Festival, Goa –


Image source – VH1 Supersonic facebook official page

VH1 Supersonic aims to encompass the feelings of chasing rainbows, making unforgettable memories, and [tying] new bonds that’ll last a lifetime,” all over five days in December on the beaches of Candolim in Goa. A half decade in, it’s already had much success, thanks to a consistently incredible lineup of DJs and producers. Those names include the likes of Axwell, Zedd, Disclosure, Nervo and 75-plus other top Indian and global names. With nearly 200,000 revelers descending upon the beaches, this is a massive party that’s only certain to grow in acclaim.

3. Sunburn Festival, Goa –


Image source – Sunburn facebook official page

The stage’s set up on the Condolim beach and people dressed down to beat the heat and the best DJs from around the world is a perfect setup. Travelers from around the gather up and enjoy the fairy-tale atmosphere specifically created to give you an experience of a lifetime! It is a true blend of music, entertainment, food, shopping and lifestyle.

4. Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Pune –


Image source – Bacardi NH7 Weekender facebook official page

The NH7 Weekender is sure, one to please all sets of music-lovers. With multiple genres, such as rock, metal, folk-fusion, indie,etc., on display, the NH7 Weekender is a treat for the hardened music-fan. The festival boasts of a feeling line-up of artists from every nook and corner of the world. Popular names such as the Indian Ocean, The Raghu Dixit Project, Pentagram, have all brought the NH7 Weekender stage to life.

5. Hornbill Festival, Kohima –


Image source – Hornbill Festival facebook official page

This festival celebrates the customs and traditions of several Naga tribes who engage in music, dance, and demonstrations of warfare. The festival kicks off several competitions like a rock contest, a chilly eating contest, a beauty pageant and a car rally.

6. Ziro Festival Of Music, Arunachal Pradesh –


Image source – Ziro Festival of Music facebook official page

The Ziro Valley Music Festival is exceptional as it takes place in the open air, among beautiful and lush green pastures of the valley. Sit on the fresh grass and listen to the best of indie music. You pitch tents for four days with hundreds of other music lovers.

7. Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Fest, Himachal Pradesh –


Image source – LBB, Delhi facebook official page

A fresh brew of Funk, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Folk Rock, Electro-Rock-Folk and Fusion takes place every April at the scenic Baikunth resorts, this not-for-profit music fest performs in support of the critically ill under-privileged and orphan children under its care, is organised by the Genesis Foundation and Jack Daniel’s. So, if you are in the general vicinity of these places, or would like to do something offbeat with your friends this year.

8. Magnetic Fields, Rajasthan –


Image source – Magnetic Fields Festival facebook official page

Magnetic Fields is held in the stunning Alsisar Mahal of Rajasthan, which in itself makes it one of the most interesting music festivals in India. With a span of three days, Magnetic Fields lives up to its name with a mix of different music, immersed in the culture and art of Rajasthan. Held in December for three days, this fest has a communal feel unlike any other.

9. Escape, Uttarakhand –


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Away from the cycle of mundane comes the three-day fest that is reeking of art and music held at the Lake Resort, Naukuchiatal in Uttarakhand. This eventful production is filled with bands, artists, graffiti artists, writers, photographers, painters, performance artists, tattoo artists and potters talent.

10. Ziro Festival, Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh –


Image source – thrillophilia

Held every September in the stunning World Heritage Site of Arunachal Pradesh, at 5500 feet surrounded by misty mountains, the Ziro Festival of Music is aptly deemed the most happening outdoor festival in the country. This marvelous region is rich in rice fields and surrounded by mountain peaks that boast of pine trees as well as a wide range of flora and fauna that leave your souls captivated.

11. Enchanted Valley Carnival, Aambey valley, Lonavala –


Image source – EVC facebook official page

Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival, India’s largest camping music festival successfully completed another year at Aamby Valley on the 18th, 19th and 20th of December. A mega line up of global artists broke the floor with their exhilarating music. With its full-fledged camping experience, the festival had the crowd grooving to the beats of various genres of electronic music.

12. Sulafest, Nashik –


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Sula Vineyard’s day-long annual wine and music festival in Nashik has become quite the draw for concert-starved Mumbai folk. The festival happens with its colorful canopies, which is consistently grown with performances by some of the top artists. Though the vineyard has a 20-room resort called Beyond, it fills up at lightning speed. Other hotel options include Ginger and Taj Gateway.

13. Shiva Squad Festival, Manali –

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The three-day festival held in Morpheus Valley Resort, Manali is a host to electronic psy artists and showcases the finest composers from genres of hi-tech electronic music to rock, jazz, fusion, classical and folk music re-uniting the global community with like-minded people! This is probably one of the lesser known music festivals in India.

These music festivals in India are something you should definitely give a try. On the beach, in the hills, under a banyan tree, inside a fort the sounds are emanating loud and clear calling you from far ahead. Go witness these amazing 12 Music festivals happening across the country.

If you think there are any other Music festivals that we should feature here please write in the comment section.