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Here are top 5 DIY depression ending ideas to deal with after a massive BREAKUP!

Had a breakup? Well, we all have that thing in our life. Breakups can be very dramatic. As a matter…

By Administrator in Relationship on January 3, 2017

Had a breakup? Well, we all have that thing in our life. Breakups can be very dramatic. As a matter of fact, it can change our very life as we know it. As a result, you get lazy, depressed, succumbed to addictions and the worst, lose the very need of life. So, to avoid that, follow these simple steps and you shall understand that life is worth living even when you think that it is the end of the life.

1. Delete the memories –

Delete the memories you guys share together and you shall understand that the fact that you are remembering lost love lesser. It may sound terrible but if you are keeping those memories then it will only serve you as a needle on your wounds.


2. Don’t call –

If you call then it gives him/her all the more reason to think that you are still in love and if that happens, he/she will think that you are something that is too easy to get. Do you want to move on? Decide that first.


3. Be super busy –

Make every second of your time count and forward that to a new activity. Don’t sit there without any engagement. Be busy and make yourself super comfortable with the things you do. Experiment on things, do your hobbies, live your life but don’t sit ideal.


4. Socialize –

One of the biggest mistakes of all time that people do after breakups is killing their social life. You must never feel that you are alone, rather, be confident that you can make friends and can stabilize your life without the influence of someone who dumped you like a garbage bag. You are a winner. It is time, you start feeling like one.


5. Avoid addictions –

Trying to find solace in something that you know will bring the memories back? Alcohol makes you think that you may forget everything. In reality, you may start crying after you are drunk and believe it or not, that’s not going to help. So, I would rather consider a sober evening then a drunk drama episode. Choose wise.


There is every reason to believe that he/she was not your love as if it was him/her, why he be leaving you behind moving forward? If you haven’t found your love yet then there is a possibility that he hasn’t found you yet. Wait for the perfect one and you shall not be disappointed.

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