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Here are top 4 things that a book nerd has that other guys don’t.

In love with a book nerd? Why not? They are the smartest in the community but less social. But if…

By Administrator in Lifestyle on January 7, 2017

In love with a book nerd? Why not? They are the smartest in the community but less social. But if you are in love with him then it is by any means the best thing that happened to you. Wanna know why? Here are 5 easy descriptions to tell you:

Best teacher:

They can help you in the study and all the other study related things that can annoy you at times. They are your best teacher as they shall be happy to make you understand and after they do, all they really want is you to say “thank you” and they shall be happy as anything.


The most reliable:

He may suck at social gatherings but it is for sure that he will be at your service any time you wish. You should not manipulate him though as when they suffer a heartbreak, they may either end up being the worst ass you know or the one who is the most depressed guy you know. Either way, you must never break his heart just because you need someone to take care of.


The caring one:

They don’t have much to care and if given the chance, they shall dedicate everything to you and your happiness. He will almost stand up to you in everything and might even willingly trade places with you with death. That’s how they might commit.


The most sentimental:

Though it may sound a little weird but having a sentimental optimism helps sometimes and they shall be with you when everyone else would give up on you. He shall be your ultimate emotional support and no matter how much silly the case might be he will be there to understand and make you understand. You must never manipulate someone like that though or the last thing you would ever know is how cruel he can be. If you can love you infinitely then you can expect the same in matters of hatred.


Never try to find someone you must not need or else, in the process of your time pass someone gets badly hurt and if that someone is a book nerd, you might regret a great deal. So, love him like you have no days left and treat him like you are his soulmate but never let him suffer because of a foolishness did in the process by you.

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