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This Video Of A Cruel Mother Kicking Her Baby Girl Because She Cries Too Much Is Viral On Internet!

The question of Good or Bad behavior is haunting most of the people since a long time. Parents have all the rights towards their children but not beyond the limits. The question is how much does a parent have a right towards their kids especially the small kids who can’t even think for their own?

Recently, a heartbreaking video of a mother came out on the Internet. In the video, a mother is seen throwing her small baby on the ground and kicking her daughter on the flight of steps. The video footage was captured in the Guangdong province of southeast China. The footage shows the women shouting at the baby girl who is crying, and she is seen KICKING with her foot.

 On 24th February around 3 PM, this six-second video was taken by an onlooker, and then he uploaded to social media. As the video came on the Internet, it went viral, and more than 8 million viewers have watched this cruel mother kicking a baby girl. The merciless mother is being held up to shame for her behavior towards the child.

The Beijiao Police confirmed that the cruel mother was given a strict warning and the Baby Girl was not injured majorly. The mother said that she was stress and she couldn’t control her emotions. Later she regretted what she did. The Police of Beijiao said the doctors gave the baby and now she will be taken care by her grandparents.

Here is the video of a Cruel Mother Kicking Her Daughter.


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