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This Standup Comedian Accuses Kapil Sharma On Stealing His Jokes, He Has Proof Of It Too

Its been a long time that we heard any good news about Comedy ka King, Kapil Sharma. We all have…

By Administrator in Television on April 24, 2017

Its been a long time that we heard any good news about Comedy ka King, Kapil Sharma. We all have read alot about Kapil & Sunil’s mid-air fight and now their’s new news coming that a standup comedian has accused Kapil Sharma’s team and Sony Channel about stealing his Punches and Storyline.

Stand-up comedian Abijit Ganguly in a Facebook post accused Kapil Sharma for stealing his jokes on Indian bowlers in his latest episode which had women’s national cricket team. According to the standup comedian, Abijit Ganguly, The act that Kikoo Sharma did on India’s fast bowlers, while trying to use Kapil Dev and Zaheer Khan’s name as examples and their elder brothers has been lifted from Ganguly’s joke.

This is what Abhijit Ganguly posted on his Facebook –

Important – Lifting of Joke/Plagiarism by The Kapil Sharma ShowPlease share this so that it reaches the folks at The…

Posted by Abijit Ganguly on Sunday, April 23, 2017

Abijit took to social media and wrote about the struggles of writing an original stand-up script and how he make a living out of it. That’s not it, Ganguly has also posted links and the exact timings from The Kapil Sharma Show and his own video in the FB post. Here is the video of Kiku Sharda giving out the copied joke, The joke starts at 52:15.


But we think Kapil Sharma may have nothing to do with it as all the television shows have script writers who write scripts and add jokes and punches, what do you guys think about this latest contreversy about The Kapil Sharma Show, Do let us know in the comment section below.

BDW, This is an unplagiarised article, proof added below! We are commited towards the best we can give out to our readers.

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