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This Sikh Student’s Graduation Speech Will Make You Go Aww! [Must Watch]

A Sikh student Angad Singh Padda who is 23-year-old and is graduated from Haas School Of Business – UC Berkeley recently, gave a fascinated speech on his graduation and his speech has gone all viral on the internet winning many hearts. Angad who is originally from Chandigarh, Punjab took the chance to talk about the problems of the world and his speech had a funny yet powerful message.

In the speech, he highlighted that the heart of every student of Berkely beats with that passion and to make the world where there is no ‘I’ or ‘me’ but only ‘us’ and ‘we’. He said the dreams are not the ones that you have when you go to bed but dreams are the ones that don’t let you go to bed, and he makes a very valid point here.

Berkeley student Angad Singh Padda graduation speech

Angad Padda’s video speech has a message to unite the world and about creating the world without borders.

He urged everyone to make use of their education to make the world a better place, he talked about losing his friends to drug abuse to unifying the world. Angad took the opportunity to talk about “problems”, not of his own but of the world. He mentioned certain problems his classmates had shared with him, making an emotional appeal, he urged everyone to make this world a better place.

The video is going viral for all the good reasons and the speech has so far received 1,34,000 views on YouTube. Here is the video of Angad’s speech in the UC Berkeley –

Hats of to this Punjabi Munda who is caring about the world and is making India feel proud!!

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