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This Rajkot man celebrates ‘divorce’ by distributing kaju barfi!

Rajkot resident Rinkesh Rachchh, is getting a lot of congratulation messages these days from friends and family and the reason behind that is, he just got divorced from his tortured marriage. Even strangest part is, Rinkesh is also distributing boxes of Kaju Barfi to celebrate his happiness of getting divorced.

So, according to Hindustan Times, Rinkesh Rachchh is distributing boxes of Kaju Barfi to friends and family which says “Chutacheda Harakh Na” (Meaning: to celebrate divorce). Rinkesh has sent out at least 50kg of Kaju Barfi in boxes.

Rajkot man celebrates divorce
Source: HT

That’s not it, the boxes that were distributed also had a note saying how women protection laws have been “exploited”.

His divorce was finalized on April 15 after two years after having a long, complicated dispute and says his phone has been ringing off the hook since then to congratulate him. He also mentioned his aim behind distributing sweets is to spread awareness in society as according to him, In divorce cases, women are favored so much that men are hardly left with any option and how the law is misused by many.

Kudos to Rinkesh for showing the other side of the coin to society.

News Source: Hindustan Times

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