In food products, maximum hygiene and the good quality is expected because it is about our health. We eat food at the stalls, restaurants but we don’t know how they make it. So here we have got news about a Panipuri Vendor in Ahmedabad.

Panipuri is loved by almost everyone, and no one refuses for it. In Ahmedabad, a Panipuri Vendor in Lal Darwaja has been imprisoned for six months. The reason of his jail is he used to mix toilet cleaner in the water of Panipuri. The Vendor is known as Chetan Nanji Marvadi, and he has played with human’s health.

In a Special Court for adulteration, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) filed a case against Chetan Marvadi in 2009.

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AMC is receiving regular complaints from the people of Lal Darwaja. They are telling that Chetan is mixing something in panipuri water. People even said that he throws the leftover water on the damaged road to create a problem for the public.

AMC took action on the complaints; they sent the sample of water to the laboratory to test. When the results came it was shocking; there was Oxalic acid present in the food. Oxalic acid is used for toilet cleaners. Then AMC has filed a case against Marvadi in the adulteration court. After seven years, he has been found guilty by the special court and send him jailed for six months


Chetan Marvadi kept on saying that there is no proof in the court which can prove him guilty so they should release him. The advocate Manoj Kumar argued and said he had committed a crime which is dangerous and should be punished.

Panipuri Lovers BE-CAREFUL wherever you go to eat!

People like him should be punished.