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This Pakistan TV channel claims Narendra Modi and Ajit Doval MURDERED ‘Om Puri’

After the death of the famous Bollywood actor om puri, Pakistan channel releases a news about Om Puri’s death. Pakistani channels claimed that Om Puri was murdered and he didn’t die naturally. The channel claims that Prime minister Narendra Modi and NSA Ajit Doval are behind the murder of Om Puri.

On 6th January Om Puri was found dead in his house. Veteran actor Om Puri’s death was said to be due to a heart attack, but the police are now trying to figure out the reason behind this. Om Puri had bruises on the head. A show which telecasts on Bol TV in Pakistan which is hosted by Aamir Liaquat points out the reason why Modi allegedly murdered Om Puri.

In their show ‘Esa Nahi Chalega’, Amir Liaquat told that Om Puri was murdered and Aamir said that Modi’s right hand, Ajit Doval has given effect to the plan. A video of the news show is being shared on social networking sites and has been going viral. It also says, Modi did not like Om Puri from the time he worked in the movie Dev which was in 2002 when there was fight in Gujarat.


In the Video Liaquat is heard stating the reason behind it. He said Om Puri was interested in Islam and was killed because of it.

Liaquat says that Doval and his gang went to Om Puri’s house and killed him. Liaquat even said that now in the hitlist of Modi is Fawad Khan and Salman Khan.

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