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This Mumbai Based Poet's Poem ‘Hindustani Musalmaan’ Is Beautiful And Is Winning Hearts On Internet!

From last few years, we see the growth of Islamophobia, not only in India but around the world. From celebs…

By Administrator in Viral on February 21, 2017

From last few years, we see the growth of Islamophobia, not only in India but around the world. From celebs to a common man everyone has felt the growth of Islamaphobia. Over last three years, in India, there has been many debates of intolerance. People needs to understand that within the Muslims there are so many divisions, lots of non-believers and believers.
Muslims in India have many shades. Some of them force the women to wear the burqa or the men to do beards and others are allowed to do what they want. In the same way, some of them would drink alcohol and some would not. These small differences give each one of them separateness.
To catch all the true nature of that the Mumbai-based Poet Hussain Haidry has written a poem “Hindustani Musalman” spotting the unity range in India. Hussain in the beautiful manner not just say the issue of class and caste in the community but also shows some positivity in reality.
Hussain’s poem was spoken by him for Kommune India. The performers Roshan Abbas, Ankur Tiwari, and Gaurav Kapur, founded the storytelling platform to bring all the artists together to share their thoughts and ideas. It’s a sad fact that Hindus are always expected to prove their secularism and Muslims are expected to prove their patriotism. We are all Indians who love each other and love this great nation more than anything else.
Adding a scribbled story, Some common man asked, was Dr.Apj Abdul Kalam a Muslim? A wise man replied, I don’t know whether he was Muslim or a Hindu or a Christian., but I can surely say that he was a true Indian.

Here is the video of his beautiful poem, Hindustani Musalman. Must watch it:

This beautiful poem is viral on the Internet and is winning hearts of everyone.

People are in love with this poem as this is the real story of every Indian and they can connect with the facts spoken here. This is the story of every hard working individual, who is so busy either to earn two square meals or making something good out of their simple life, that they have no time to think over communal violence.
Worth watching!

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