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This Monkey adopts a lost Puppy and Now they are a Happy family.

We have to learn from the animal kingdom. Being polite and selfless humans will think twice but without any communication no differentiation of caste, creed, sex nothing they have such kind hearts. One such example recently got in my ears which melted me completely. In Allahabad, a family took birth and the family is of a Monkey and a Puppy. Wondering what?
A monkey who was just wandering the streets leaving his trails here and there which he does regularly get something unique this time. He found a black tan puppy sitting at a side alone a really small one he was sad and found like lost. Yes! Right, The next thing happen was the monkey went to the puppy picked him up and stayed with him. The best part is it’s a Family now.
Where ever the Monkey went he took the puppy with him just like he would do with his own kid. No one could separate them everyone passing by was wondering on the unusual thing with a monkey a puppy. Everyone then started observing their relation and felt so good about it. They started offering the duo food would even take photos and selfies and have a good time with them.

The duo enjoying each other’s company and the pampering too.

The monkey used to jump on high trees but would not leave the puppy alone he secured him everywhere. The bond between them was so strong without any need of communication and us humans have to think so many times before doing to someone even a poor person. They have real hearts.

Aww! Such cute gesture. A Lesson to Learn from them, isn’t it?

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