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This man shared his story on facebook of his last journey with his wife, tells why safe measures are so important!

A man shared his story on Facebook of losing his pregnant wife in a Bike Accident. Overall the post, He…

By Administrator in Viral on January 19, 2017

A man shared his story on Facebook of losing his pregnant wife in a Bike Accident. Overall the post, He tried to convey a message to all the people who doesn’t take the concept of safe driving seriously. Karthick KV, a resident of Chennai, lost his wife, Uma Maheswari in a bike accident. She died on 13 January after a struggle of a week for her life.
Karthick shared the entire incident on Facebook, where he narrated that, They both were in a relationship for nine years, and they were married only five months ago. Uma Maheswari was pregnant for four months and 23 days when she met with the accident.
On the morning of 7 January, both were riding on a bike without wearing helmets. Unfortunately, Uma fell from the bike and got a serious head injury. She was immediately taken to a hospital, where she was put on a life support. But later on 12 January, the unborn child was announced dead, and a day later, Uma got succumbed to her injuries.

Source: Facebook

The couple had also decided to donate their organs in any case of an unfortunate event. But Karthick knows that the day is going to come soon. However, the doctors couldn’t manage her body to be able to donate the organs.
Karthick also posted a status on for warning the peoples who don’t wear helmets and drive irresponsibly. He wrote, “Safety measures should be taken whenever u drive I was wearing a helmet but I failed to buy a helmet for my wife, so it’s necessary whoever travel with u should have a helmet it cost u very less than life”.

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Posted by Karthick Kv on Sunday, January 15, 2017

More power to you! Be strong!

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