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This is Why I Prefer Chai over my EX

What is the first thought that comes to your mind after you get up? What do you remember after a…

By Administrator in Food Hacks on February 14, 2017

What is the first thought that comes to your mind after you get up? What do you remember after a stressful day? For me, it’s nothing but my cup of hot chai (I hope you did not think about your ex). Believe me, a hot cup of tea or our desi Indian chai is enough to refresh your senses and set the perfect mood for the day. The exquisite flavors ginger, cloves, cardamoms, and peppercorns linger in the mouth for long, discarding anything that’s distasteful.
If you think I am just bragging about this traditional Indian drink, take a look at these health benefits of chai, which will surely leave you amazed.

Beats Fatigue –

After a long day at work, a cup of hot tea feels like the best thing in this world. The ingredients present in chai helps to calm and revitalize the body. The caffeine content in tea (even though marginal) will drive away your fatigue. And you still thought that you needed your ex to set the right mood. Time for some reality check!

Prevents Cold –

Drinking chai or tea during cold has always been an effective home remedy prescribed by old grannies in the house. Well, this has also been verified scientifically. The phytochemicals and anti-oxidants present in chai do help to boost the immune system.

Reduces the risk of Cancer –

Yes, drinking chai every single day will keep you away from diseases like cancer. The healthy ingredients in our very own masala chai possess cancer-prevention properties. Dealing with the tantrums of your ex may adversely affect your body, a cup of chai is undeniably more beneficial for you.

Improves Metabolism –

One cuppa chai is good enough to boost your body’s metabolism. The Indian spices present in the chai helps to stimulate pancreatic and digestive enzymes. Its regular consumption fastens fat breakdown and improves oxygen uptake in the body. So instead of running around your ex, drink a cuppa hot tea to boost your metabolism.

Reduces Bloating –

If you frequently suffer the problem of gas, a cup of chai is all that you need. The beneficial ingredients in chai improve the functioning of the stomach and overall digestive system, thereby effectively combating flatulence.
Chai is no longer just a reason for informal conversations and family get-togethers. A small cup of tea daily provides multiple health benefits for your body. So by now you know the reason why I prefer chai over my ex as it is never going to ditch its goodness and is enough to lift my mood always!

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