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This is where you can buy Fake Michael Kors Bags in India and walk like a Fashioniasta!

Brands are no longer used as a means to make life easy; in the present scenario they define us. Right…

By Administrator in Fashion on March 16, 2017

Brands are no longer used as a means to make life easy; in the present scenario they define us. Right from the necessities to luxury products we are under the stigma of brands. Now that does not mean being ‘Brand Conscious.’ If you are loaded with brands from head to toe, you are looked upon by your friends and vice versa.
What if, the brand is beyond your affordability? To end your woes these days, the markets are flooded with fake products or firsthand copies of brands that look exactly like the original ones but are sold at the 1/4th price of the original one. Youngsters are running after these fake products to be the ‘it’ boy/girl in their social circle. No doubt that the counterfeit market in India is booming and is expected to double regarding growth in the coming years. Going beyond statistics, take a look at these places in India where you shop fake Michael Kors Handbags without burning a big hole in your pocket.

1. Gaffer market, New Delhi

Gaffar Market or the ‘Jugaad Market’ as it is popularly known is the best place to buy first-copies of Michael Kors Handbags. All the products sold here are mainly imported from Thailand and China, and there are high chances that you will get same fake MK bag that you fell in love at the store at unbelievably low prices.

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2. Heera Panna, Mumbai

This market is one of the established markets in Mumbai opposite Haji Ali that is renowned for selling fake products of almost all luxury brands. They sell a variety of designs in MK handbags with good quality. However, their prices are fixed.

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3. New Market, Kolkata

One of the oldest markets in Kolkata, this is the best place to buy fake MK bags at unreasonably low prices. However, be prepared for good bargaining if you are looking for value for money.

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4. Brigade Road, Bangalore

A perfect destination for shopping replicas of luxury brands in Bangalore. At Brigade Road you can get the best copy of Michael Kors handbags if you know the suppliers who sell it under cover to avoid government raids.

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5. Linking Road, Mumbai

Linking Road in Bandra, Mumbai is the most sought-after destinations for shopaholics. The streets are decked up with first copies of Michael Kors handbags along with other International brands. Learn the bargaining skills to get hands on the best deals.

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With these flourishing counterfeit markets in India, you no longer need to be among the millionaires to flaunt your favorite brand products.

If your MK bag is not original, so what, it’s all about carrying it with style and not just the price tag.

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