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This is where these Rich Millionaire’s Wife spend all her money on.

In today’s era clothing is not only limited to comfort, but it is also the other name of the class,…

By Abhinav D Anand in Fashion on April 17, 2019

In today’s era clothing is not only limited to comfort, but it is also the other name of the class, luxury, style statement and makeup is not only enhancing facial features, but it also shows how confident a person is. It is very important to be associated with a popular and renowned brand.

Be it a celebrity or multimillionaires; they spend the huge amount to took classy, confident and stylish. Here are few expensive clothing and makeup brands in India which are eye-popping expensive.

1. Armani –

This brand is already a celebrity in the fashion industry and needs no intro. It is a very expensive and renown brand around the world. It has got everything from party dresses to accessories, eye gears to luxurious perfumes and much more.

2. Chanel –

It is more than a decade; this luxury brand is rich and stylish at the same time. This fashion house is famous for ready to wear dresses and haute couture, perfumes, little black dress, luxury accessories.

3. Prada –

This is an expensive brand for trendsetters. Parda is famous for stylish and classy leather goods like shoes, handbags, clothing. They are also into cosmetics and fashion accessories.

4. Burberry –

Burberry is famous for its cosmopolitan taste. This brand has jaw-dropping collections of perfumes, outerwear, fashion accessories, jewels. This brand has created a royal collection for Queen and Prince of England.

5. M.A.C –

This is one among the popular luxury cosmetic brands which are loved and preferred by many. This brand is loved for its quality and stay on ability. It offers a huge range of face, eye, lip beauty products. the brushes are famous for its smooth finishing.

6. L’Oreal Paris –

L’Oreal Paris is the one among the most expensive cosmetic brands. It has expanded its horizons not only for the face, eye and skin products but also it has a wide range of hair care products.

7. Revlon –

Revlon is yet another expensive and popular makeup brand. It has amazing products to enhance your entire face starting from lustrous lipsticks to face primer and nail paints; it has got everything.

8. Chambor –

Chambor is another popular international makeup brand; it has an amazing range of face products starting from face compacts to eyeliners. The best part is it has a wide range of nail paint colours too.

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