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This is what your favourite Bollywood star drinks at his party

Bollywood stars have a huge fan following. In India, there are fans that not only idolize them but also worship…

By Abhinav D Anand in Bollywood Bollywood Gossips on April 17, 2019

Bollywood stars have a huge fan following. In India, there are fans that not only idolize them but also worship them. Their actions are quite influential on the millions of fans who firmly believe that their superstars are also real-life heroes and can never do anything wrong. However, that does not mean that they cannot behave like us. They are also humans, and they even do things that can sometimes be not so righteous.

Bollywood stars believe in the saying ‘Work harder and party harder’. Their parties can be for anything right from discussing work and informal chat sessions to celebrating special occasions or the grand success of their films. Such show-biz parties are filled with the sound of clinking glasses that are filled with alcohol right from the best wines to some oldest scotch from around the world. Some Bollywood stars can handle alcohol and manage to remain to compose, even in a drunken state. While there are few celebs, who knock down soars of drinks and lose their sanity, even in the presence of paparazzi. Take a few looks at these pictures that disclose what your favorite Bollywood stars drink at their parties.

1. Arjun Rampal can suitably be the brand ambassador for Chivas Regal, which he can be spotted drinking at one of his parties. Arjun started drinking quite early and has been vocal about his funky-drinking behavior.


2. Vidya Balan has always been known for her traditional avatars. But much to our surprise this ‘Dirty Picture’ star also likes to party hard and get high. Caught in front of the camera she is seen enjoying swaying with her glass of wine.


3. This picture shows Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Sidharth Malhotra celebrating Arjun’s birthday bash in a posh night club in Mumbai. The celebs are apparently looking drunk and seem to have a good time at this Bollywood party.


4. Ranbir Kapoor made open confrontations about his drinking habits. Much to our surprise this rising star of Bollywood confessed being an alcoholic and drinks whenever he is not shooting. This picture shows Ranbir Kapoor in deep thought with his glass of whiskey.


5. This picture of Salman Khan says it all. The Dabangg dude is known to be one of the biggest party-goer of Bollywood and most of the times get into trouble in his drunken state. However, for the past few years, Salman Khan has wholly given up his drinking urge.


These are few pictures that show how intoxicated these Bollywood celebs get at their lavish parties. Considering their social image, we can just expect them to be little cautious regarding their behaviors when they make public experiences. However, our love for them will remain undeterred even after all this!

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