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This Is What It Costs To Live In Some Of The Most Popular Cities In India

In the global scenario, Indian is emerging as an economically developed country. It is no longer viewed as the land…

By Abhinav D Anand in Lifestyle on June 14, 2017

In the global scenario, Indian is emerging as an economically developed country. It is no longer viewed as the land of Maharajas, elephant and snake charmers. Globally India is counted among the major world powers. It is not a surprising fact that nearly four million people reside in the 61 cities of India. The boom in the Indian economy has led to tremendous growth in some of the popular cities.

What does it take to live in these cities? Are you planning to move your base in some of these developed cities? Well, you have landed yourself at the right place. TYM presents you the cost of living in some of the most popular cities in India.

1. Mumbai –

The financial capital of Mumbai is the city of dreams. People from different parts of the country and across the world come to settle here. The following chart gives a tentative idea of what it costs to live in Mumbai.

Rented Apartments (1BHK): Approx INR 40,000

Transportations Costs (Monthly Pass): INR 500

Grocery Shopping: INR 2000-2500

Home Utilities: INR 4000

Dining Out: INR 1000 for 2 people in any mid-range restaurant

To sum up, approximate the overall monthly expenses for a single person in Mumbai comes to INR 23000-25000, without rent.


2. Delhi –

Delhi is the capital city of India and is the second most popular city after Mumbai. The cost of living in Delhi is as follows:

Rented Apartment (1BHK): Approx INR 16000

Transportations Costs (Monthly Pass): INR 900

Grocery Shopping: INR 2400

Home Utilities: INR 5000

Dining Out: 1000 for 2 people in any mid-range restaurant

Living in Delhi for a single person including all overheads costs nearly INR 23,000 per month, without rent.


3. Kolkata –

Kolkata was the erstwhile capital of India and an important financial hub for Eastern and North-eastern India. Living cost in Kolkata is as follows:

Rented Apartments (1BHK): Approx INR 13,000

Transportation Costs (Monthly Pass): INR 300

Grocery Shopping: INR 1800-2000

Home Utilities: INR 3500

Dining Out: INR 1000 in any mid-range restaurant for 2 people

The cost of living in Kolkata for a single person can be summed to INR 20,000 per month, without including home rent.


4. Bengaluru –

Bengaluru is the IT hub of India that has witnessed incredible economic growth. The city is home to several reputed MNCs and this is what it costs to live in Bengaluru:

Rented Apartments (1BHK): Approx INR 15,000

Transportation Costs (Monthly Pass): INR 1200

Grocery Shopping: INR 2100

Home Utilities: INR 2500

Dining Out: INR 700 for 2 people in a mid-range restaurant

The living cost in Bengaluru per person without rent is approximately INR 21,000.


5. Hyderabad –

Hyderabad is another popular and fast developing city of India that is a chosen place for the urban Indians. The growth prospects in this city are extremely high and if you want to live in Hyderabad, this is the cost of living here:

Rented Apartments (1BHK): Approx INR 10,000

Transportation Costs (Monthly Pass): INR 800

Grocery Shopping: INR 2000-2200

Home Utilities: INR 2000

Dining Out: INR 600 in any mid-range restaurant for 2 persons

The overall expense of living in Hyderabad for one person every month comes to about INR 19,000.


These figures will provide you a brief estimate of the living costs, although the figures are subject to changes. These were the rough estimates of the living costs in popular cities of India, based on the data collected from varied sources.

Which is your preferred city, do mention in the comment.

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