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This Is The Right Way To Pop A Pimple Without Leaving A Scar

Ideally, You Shouldn’t Even Touch It You really should just leave your zit alone. Let it sit there and think…

By Administrator in Skin on December 1, 2015

Ideally, You Shouldn’t Even Touch It

You really should just leave your zit alone. Let it sit there and think about its life goals while you give it the silent treatment. But you won’t and we know it. You’re going to pick at it and leave a giant scar, so help is here. Call it compromise.

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Yes, This Is What They Look Like And They Suck

Different skin types will obviously have pimples that appear differently. On fair skin, they look like this, and if the zit is in the middle of your forehead 36 hours before prom, you want it gone at any cost. This solution will cost you practically nothing.

Start Where Most Facials Start

Wash your hands and THEN wash your face. Think about all the germs on your hands and what they could do to your face when you’re attempting to fix a problem like acne.

Get A Candle And A Needle

You will need to pop the thing with a needle. Pass the needle through the flame of a candle or lighter to make sure it is sanitized. Torch those germs!

Also, calm the heck down; you’re old enough to deal with needles. We believe in you.



Sanitize Your Zit With An Alcohol Swab

You need to do this before any popping is going on. Before breaking the skin, you have to deal with the germs on the surface so they don’t make their way into the party while you’re trying to clean up. Give the zit district a run for its money by disinfecting the whole area, not just the hot spot.



Place the needle parallel to your skin and stab your zit gently. Don’t go in from the top because there is no telling how deep or shallow it may be. Bleeding is not a great sign, so keep things parallel rather than perpendicular. Nothing you’re doing here should hurt. If it does, you’re doing it wrong.

Sometimes It Needs Time (Even When You Don’t Have Much)

If nothing comes out of your zit, it’s just not ready. Wait 24 hours and then try again.

Downward, Not Inward

The time has come to get everything out in the open (eww). Place your index finger on each side of your new friend, but don’t squeeze. Instead, push down with even pressure to avoid breaking more skin.



Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do Your Share

When you are confident that you’ve gotten most of what you want out of your face, take a clean cotton ball and carefully remove your pimple’s innards. You have successfully slain your greatest first world problem. Feel the victory.



Spot Treatment Seals The Deal

This stuff can really keep your zit problem at bay. You just rub it on the area with your fingers and your due diligence is done, son!



Wash Up And Chin Up

Wash off your face after your spot treatment (follow all directions on the label). Maybe use a facecloth though; the standard, commercial “satisfying water splash” this girl is doing makes a huge mess.

Do your hair and go out! You’ve got a flawless face and a means of keeping it that way without scars. The more you know!

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