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This Is The Reason Why Some Roads Have White Markings While Others Have Yellow Ones.

In India, a considerable measure of us never try to think about the activity rules since who cares at all…

By Administrator in Development on January 11, 2017

In India, a considerable measure of us never try to think about the activity rules since who cares at all about street well-being. For a large portion of us, movement rules start and end at remembering what those red, yellow and green lights are for. Street security is a noteworthy worry in India. So how about we simply attempt and keep ourselves Informed about the easily overlooked details that may make our drive Safe and smooth.

While driving, we all have seen those white and yellow lines on street. Here and there they are strong lines and in sometimes they are broken. Did you realize that these lines are additionally a piece of street signs? This is what these lines mean –

Strong white line –

Strong white lines show’s that you should not move to another lane and should remain in the path you are already in.


Broken white line –

Broken white lines show that you are permitted to change path, yet with alert. So you may change path, in the event that it is safe to do so.


One strong yellow line –

Passing or overwhelming different vehicles is permitted, however you can’t cross the yellow line. In any case, this administer may shift from state to state. For instance, in Telangana, a strong yellow line is planned for building up no surpassing.


Strong yellow line with broken yellow line –

if you are driving in favor of the broken line, you’re permitted to surpass, and in case you’re driving in favor of the strong line, you’re definitely not. It means you have to drive in favor of that broken line which permit you to overtake but if you drive in solid line then it will not permit you.


Now, I hope you known what this line are for now next time if you are on road try to follow this rules.

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