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This is How Your Love Life Has Evolved From Teenage Years to Now!

Love is something that we are never too old for. Right from first crushes and love-at-first-sight to breakups and life-long…

By Administrator in Relationship on April 19, 2017

Love is something that we are never too old for. Right from first crushes and love-at-first-sight to breakups and life-long promises, we are always too obsessed with it, especially during the youth. However, as we grow older (not only in numbers but in intellect) we learn to react differently. Yes, we all have been through it and it’s pretty much the same journey for everyone. Let’s get together for some fun and relive those moments again!

First Crush

In your early 20s:
During those crazy teenage years, having a first crush could literally make butterflies fly in your stomach. You want to let the world know about him, even more than your school grades!
In your late 20s:    
When you are in your late 20s, your mind works at the same pace as your heart. Before going any further you first check the social profile to confirm if he’s still single. And if you are in your really late 20s, you even check if the guy’s not too younger than you!

One-Sided Love

In your Early 20s:
The prime motto of your life becomes to find out why the guy doesn’t understand your emotions. Life couldn’t be more unfair to you then.
In your Late 20s:
The sensible you declare this as a big loss for the guy! Poor chap, he missed something really worthwhile in his life. Way to go girl!


In your Early 20s:
This moment is worse than even world coming to an end. You start hating the word ‘love’ and vouch for staying away from it, the rest of your life. Your friends will be there to offer their condolences.
In your Late 20s:
Well, a break-up is hard to even now; just that it doesn’t end the world for you. By now you have been through plenty of them (for most of us) and you know how to deal with break-ups. A girls night out can definitely make you feel better.

Sex Life

In your Early 20s:
An ecstatic feeling on earth and you start making plans for your future together afterward. Your dancing eyes when your guy looks at you tells a story in itself.
In your Late 20s:
In your late 20s, sex is just another parameter to test your compatibility. Oh yes, it does feel nice even now, but then you have other things on your mind as well.

All said and done, it goes without saying that ‘dil to baccha hai ji’!

Stay young at heart forever.
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