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This Is How You Can Be In A Relationship With Multiple Women At A Same Time With Zero Drama!

You have already had had many guys telling you the trick to date multiple women at the same time but…

By Administrator in Relationship on May 16, 2016

You have already had had many guys telling you the trick to date multiple women at the same time but today let a Guru tell you a 100% working trick on how to date multiple women at the same time with zero drama. Some guys believe that no woman would be okay with that arrangement, Some are afraid that if they ever tried something like that they’d be labelled “players” or “dogs” and some guys don’t do it simply because it doesn’t seem possible. But dating multiple girls is a fine art that requires laser-like attention, perfect details, planning, creativity and above all proper setup.

Dating one woman can be challenging, so it goes without saying that dating several women at a time can pose many potential obstacles—the biggest being not making yourself look like a complete asshole. Top Casanovas will tell you to simply declare upfront that you aren’t “looking for a girlfriend” or that you’re “keeping your options open” or something else like that. This is almost always bad advice, from someone either talking out of his ass or who lives in India or is a Desi so different from your own that they’re totally out of touch with the reality of the average Chic life. Indian guys can’t pull this off, and Desi girls won’t put up with that shit.

1. Choose your partner carefully.

This may seem obvious, but here you actually have to play like a player, so you have to stay away from the people who at the first instance say that they want “committed relationship”. It’s very hard to set up everything when your partner wants to get committed and is already looking for a long term relationship and wants to meet your family and insists you make them meet your daily gang. These kinda people are very harmful and you have to stay away from such over attached and over protective partners.

2. Keep them physically and mentally separate.

There’s an old saying that “to our wives and mistresses: may they never meet.” Remember that keeping your ladies separate is your top mission. This isn’t just a physical task keeping them from walking into the same frozen yoghurt place at the same time, but also a mental one. Keep your names, stories, and timelines straight. Don’t get much into places you love to dine, places where you usually go out with your guy gang to have drinks. NO, never do it.

3. Get an organised system.

Use a large post-it note with basic data and update regularly. This serves as a daily indication to contact and see your girls in the correct intervals to prevent misunderstandings and fights or arguments. If you are weak with what you have said or made an excuse for not being there or of being busy, write it on the Sticky Notes and keep it somewhere in front of you always. Or if you stay with your family you can always use smartphones to store details.

4. Put your phone on Password Lock.

I’m convinced 75 percent of guys to get caught because of sloppy phone game. Put a password on your phone and change it regularly. And, if you’re getting more serious with one girl, put the others into one of the text-hiding apps that you can download for free from the application store.

5. Put your computer on Password Lock.

Another 20 percent of guys get caught because of sloppy laptop game. Use a different browser for your shenanigans than for showing cute-animal videos to your girl or letting her check her Facebook. Since roaming eyes are as a big a danger as anything else, it’s also a good strategy to learn the keyboard shortcut for quickly locking your computer (Windows Key + L on Windows machines) or you can simply ask her to your other computer than using your laptop as you can name it as work laptop and you can always ask her not to touch it as you can loose many confidential data of your clients or of office.

6. Forget about love.

Yes, you read that right. Forget about love, if you fall in love you can simply lose the game right away or you will end up telling the truth when asked and would eventually loose on both the females. So don’t be a fool and not to fall in love is the main thing you might get attracted to one but always remember that you are a player.

7. Invent several friends, and talk about them regularly.

This is an important step since it will be a piece of evidence in future. You’ll need at least two or three fictional friends, each of whom will meet a different need. Avoid referring to them by name. You’ll need one who lives in other cities, but who you visit regularly. This will explain extended absences or sudden disappearances. You’ll also need an “unattractive” female friend or male friend with a “clingy girlfriend” to explain away all of the girly stuff that either of your females might find in your apartment or your car or your college bag or maybe in your office bag.

8. Keep a predictable schedule.

Girls remember every small detail of a guy, the moment you do something twice you’ve created a pattern. And they can sniff out dishonest behaviour in the slightest of the changes. It’s best to avoid this problem altogether. See your girls on different days, at different times, and in different intervals. You can make a schedule of an alternate pattern.

9. Manage your semen.

This is an often overlooked aspect of successfully managing multiple women. Even if you’re a sexual beast, your third day in a row won’t be as strong as your first. A slightly dull action might not get you “caught,” but it’ll be the kiss of death with a new girl. Give yourself at least one day of rest before an important date. If back-to-back nights are inevitable, put the lower-priority girl second. If the lower-priority girl must go first, only do her once and save the rest for the next night.

10. “Play” a contact sport.

Pick up a sport, maybe like Kickboxing, Suko Thai, Cross-fit which can totally explain away scratches on your back, bruises on your chest, and an array of other bedroom injuries. Try not to get Hickey because there is no answer for that and you might straight away get caught unless you can give an excuse for going on a trip for a day or 2.

11. Deny, deny, deny.

Like Shaggy said in his song “It wasn’t me” you too never admit to wrongdoing, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence.

12. No threesomes Desires.

You have been comfortable in bed with both of your ladies but they haven’t even thought of doing it with anyone else so never even try to come up with a fantasy story and ask your girl to get into a threesome or 2 girls on a guy action.

13. Always use protection.

ALWAYS USE PROTECTION, it’s the most important thing ever. Never do anything without a protection no matter if she insists or if you can’t run to the medical to get it. Nowadays you get a number of protections with many other add-on accessories which can totally make your girl feel special and can even make feel fresh and energetic every time you use them.

You can find Protection, accessories and play tools HERE.

When you get good at cheating, you also get good at identifying cheating along with the precursors of cheating, like when she meets another guy that she’s attracted to.

If you can date one woman, you can date two. If you can date two women, you can date them at the same time. Not every woman will be into it, or into it for the long term, but if it’s something you want, you can have it. You just need to know what to do. But always remember the consequences can be worst in all of these cases and remember not to break someone’s, heart.

After successfully being with both the girls you might probably someday feel guilty for cheating on such a nice girl. You’ll then feel compelled to make a surprise phone call, be more affectionate or loving, or even buy her something small like a chocolate truffle or rose. Resist this urge and proceed with your normal routine because girls can sense when you’re doing something out of the ordinary. She’ll know that you are trying to relieve your guilt, and while she may not automatically assume it’s from cheating, she’ll know you did something wrong.

I want to make it very clear that I don’t endorse emotionally hurting women. When you’re out with girls, make sure you’re both on the same page and have the same values. Again, don’t hurt a girl – it’s not worth it.

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