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This is how these Rich Indian kids flaunt their money and luxury lifestyle.

Call it your Hard Luck or A far away watch from stupidity. While we middle-class kids have always dreamt of…

By Administrator in Lifestyle on February 2, 2017

Call it your Hard Luck or A far away watch from stupidity. While we middle-class kids have always dreamt of achieving something may be materialistic these rich kids have them as a served platter. Silver spoon they are born with their hard work starts from point ten where we have to discover ourselves first.
Why not? Lucky that they are the offspring of the world’s wealthiest people. When you have everything never to give about spending it becomes obvious that you will flaunt your luxuries and expensive stuff somewhere or the other. Here are some things which we keep dreaming while the rich brats keep flaunting.

1. Earning one iPhone is a big deal, they have all sets.

Be it from 5s, 6, 6s, 7 name any Apple product they have it all. Rich kids have all colors of iPhone they change their cell phone as they dress. Here we dream of buying one iPhone our self they can even afford to gift their friends and relatives. Not only one phone they will have 6-7 sets of iPhone as extra ones. But is all this worth?

2. Cashless for your next trip, they never go out of cash to travel the world.

All they have to do is shop hard for their weekend or a long vacation never thinking about money. Budget is not their tension ever where we have to check thrice before booking a flight. You wish to go to your favorite concert aboard they just have to click without thing any rates of the passes and enjoy hard. Ohh! Yes, we all wish we could have no budget sorrows.

3. Wish to own one luxurious car, they have all their favorites.

From your Lamborgini to Ferrari name your favorite dream car and they own it. What’s more hurting is they get them as a gift where you have slog your ass down to earn one. It will take you minimum ten years hardcore work to one car they are blessed with six to seven of them. They have choices to pick whichever car they want to for their next weekend party. It hurts. Right?

4. Top to Bottom Branded stuff, we have to save for one.

Who does not love wearing brand? these people even go their local market wearing most costly brands and in their high-end luxury cars. Wearing your favorite be=randed watch to carrying a Gucci Bag we have all dreamt for them. Rich spoilt brats need not even dream like us they have everything they want the best brands to wear from the most expensive Armani to the rich women’s wearing Sabyasachi outfit flaunting in their elite class parties.

5. Meeting Celebs is our dream; they have everyone in their phone contacts.

Bollywood celebrities fascinate every Indian but we can never meet them personally. We always wish to have a cup of tea with Amitabh Bachchan or SRK which is just going to remain a dream. These rich children have their sons and children as their best buddies. They go for parties together have an amazing weekend party chill with celebrities kids.

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These were some of the most famous and rich Indians around and this is how they spend their money.

They flaunt it by uploading pictures of their money, parties, gadgets, cars, branded clothes.

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