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This is How Rich Brats of India Spend Their Money In

Kids are known for their innocence and simplicity, but definitely not those who will inherit uncounted treasures from their families….

By Administrator in Life Hacks on February 7, 2017

Kids are known for their innocence and simplicity, but definitely not those who will inherit uncounted treasures from their families. The ones who are born with silver spoon in their mouth can give you the most annoying encounters you ever had! With whole lot of money in their hands, these rich Indian brats spend it ruthlessly to get attention and social recognition. Read on to learn how these rich brats spend their money in India:

Branded Apparels

The rich Indian kids do not need to learn from the social media about the latest brands and technology trends. They have been introduced to them since birth and thus possess a discerning likeliness towards them. The sole reason why top International brands like Armani, Dior, Gucci and Burberry have successfully launched their kids line.

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Latest Gadgets:

Whether it’s an iPhone 7, a Mac, a tablet or the latest gaming console, you name any gadget and these super rich Indian brats have it in their hands. They do not need to work hard or prove something to acquire them, a simple wish and it’s granted!


Luxury Cars:

Owing a luxury car is also on the top priority list of these rich Indian brats. When you talk about cars it does not include Toyota or Honda but magnificent vehicles like Lamborghinis and Ferraris to even Aston Martin. Money is just a number for these kids and they love showing off their exotic four wheelers to peer groups to become the talk of the town.


Lavish Birthday Parties:

There are no set limits when it comes to getting gifts on their birthdays. These rich Indian brats get the most lavish (and also outrageous) gifts by their filthy-rich parents. Even their birthday parties can’t get more grandeur. Right from the invitation, venue and decor to returns, these kids love to spend exorbitantly on their special day. Not only is this, getting on the invitation list of these parties even more important for children even than their final grades. For those spoiled teenager brats, these parties soon turn to hosting rave parties. This new age partying scene in India is defined with expensive liquor, designer drugs and deafening electronic dance music. What’s more these rave parties turn out to be the gateway for experiencing the forbidden pleasures.


So, these were the few top picks where the rich Indian brats empty their buckets of money!

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