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This is How Many Cigarettes ‘SHAH RUKH KHAN’ Smokes in a Day!

Everyone of us know smoking is a disgusting habit and not many people think that it is encouraged by TV…

By Administrator in Bollywood Featured on March 29, 2016

Everyone of us know smoking is a disgusting habit and not many people think that it is encouraged by TV Stars who showcases smoking as a cool habit in movies. However they link it with peer pressure at work, influence by parents or friends. Not many Shahrukh Khan fan’s know this, but Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan is actually a heavy & chain smoker, smoking close to a hundred sticks a day!

He is a chain smoker, he has been open about his addiction.However, SRK was pretty much miles away from cigarettes in his school and college days. In an interview with an Indian entertainment magazine Bollywood Hungama, he mentioned how he never felt the need to light one because he was indulged in sports. He also said that he began smoking when he was 26.

In the revealing Interview he said “I will tell you how it all began. When I was very young, I used to drink coffee as I needed that with my studies. It worked for me as I scored well too. Then I got into that habit and I can’t get rid of it. As for sleep, I am used to just four or at maximum five hours a day. I am going to quit smoking for the sake of my children”.

He added, “They hate me smoking. I find that as a blessing in disguise. If they had no problems, I would have continued smoking.”


Shah Rukh Khan, who had awesome six pack- abs at one point of time and can guarantee super hit flicks at the box office, can not control himself from the heavy smoking and still need a hefty eight packets and three packets per day respectively. In fact, Shah Rukh Khan would feel very uncomfortable if he did not get a cigarette to smoke every three hours or sometimes even before this. SRK is totally addicted to it and can not work without this stimulant.

Shah Rukh Khan sometime back tweeted “Trying To Quit Smoking.” This also went viral. His fans and well-wishers are eagerly waiting when the superstar will finally quit smoking. However, Shah Rukh has cleared the air saying that, he hasn’t quit smoking yet.

In a recent interaction Shahrukh Khan said,Yes, I recently tweeted about quitting smoking but it’s not that I’ve given up smoking. I am not liking people around me smoking. And I always say smoking is bad. Please don’t smoke. I promise to God that I will give it up very soon, but no, not yet. So whenever that happens, I will shout on the top of my voice and announce it. But unfortunately, it has not happened yet.”

His stubborn habit has not only irked his family members, but also friends and colleagues who have urged him to quit smoking a lot many times. His kids Suhana and Aryan, For them he wants to quit the habit, as he knows that the kids did not like their dearest father smoking tobacco. King Khan also admits that it is due to his kids’ dislike that the habit is somewhat restrained, as he avoids as much as he could from smoking before them.

However, with occurrence of lung cancer is on the rise due to cigarette smoking, it’s good that SRK is trying to crack the habit. As he is used to kicking butts in movies, let’s see if he can kick the cigarette butt.

Source: Bollywood Hungama

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