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This is how it feel to own a Lamborghini in India?

It’s not every day you that you see a Lamborghini or a Ferrari on the streets. So when you see…

By Administrator in Lifestyle on February 6, 2017

It’s not every day you that you see a Lamborghini or a Ferrari on the streets. So when you see it, it’s definitely something thrilling! It’s a fact that exclusivity comes with a big price tag and generally, it’s just too damn high, so if you are amongst the ones who own one of these luxurious cars, what more do you want from life?
For all the automobile aficionados, owning one hell of a luxury car like Lamborghini or Ferrari is something out of this world.  A car that comes with more gadgets and features, and has one of those status-elevating branding symbols, gives that oh-so-wonderful feeling.


Possessing one high-end car and driving it on the Indian roads will make you happier sometimes as it provides you with that royal status. It’s more about the emotional connect, feeling and the prestige that holds owning these cars than driving them! From the moment you start driving around in these cars, people go gaga over this vehicle. This attention-grabber car is an immediate conversation starter, and people chase to see your car zooming around the streets and wait to get snaps with it. But every coin has two flip sides.
The regular service for a Lamborghini cost almost 1.5 lacs and upon every 4 years, a Lamborghini needs a major service where most of the car parts are replaced. That particular service costs approximately 6 to 7 Lakh rupees. Insurance of a Lamborghini costs an individual approximately 5 Lakhs for the Huracan and a 9 Lacs for the Aventador and the cost will decrease every year provided there is no insurance claim.
Lamborghini In India

Along with an undeniable allure of owning a luxury car, there comes a big disadvantage of running these cars on the Indian streets, as they are not made for these beauties! The car which is super fast and meant to go past the wind, one can never use its full potential due to the never-ending traffic on the Indian roads. The notoriously potholed Indian roads lower the performance of these fast engine cars. Parking this vehicle is tough with the limited space problem in India.
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Sheetal Dugar
So one question, how does it feel to own a Lamborghini or Ferrari and drive on the Indian roads, the answer will be rather confusing! If you want to grab attention on social media and elevate your opinion amidst your fan these cars are great, but in terms of driving over the Indian roads, these gas-guzzlers are way too much!
The other major setback is fuel and low ride, Fuel is a major setback as Aventador uses high grade 91 octane fuel, which is not available everywhere except some metropolitan cities and Lowriding is other major feedback as the ground clearance is a merely 38mm, and seeing the speed breaker and potholes, one will always be carving the front and rear bumpers, But at the end, the Steering wheel and dashboard controls makes the experience totally complete.
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