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This Is How Eve Teasing Remained The Darker Side Of Holi – A Bitter Truth

Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal all over the country. It is a festival of colors, and people…

By Administrator in Life Hacks on March 11, 2017

Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal all over the country. It is a festival of colors, and people greet each other by putting gulal on the face. However, there may be few among your family and friends who might not be too fond of colors. When such people show their discontent, most of the people use a very common tag line ‘Bura na mano Holi hai’. Most of the times, this eases out the situation and everyone joins in the merriment.
While Holi is all about excitement and enjoyment, there is a darker side to this colorful festival that needs to be dealt seriously. Eve teasing by the savaged brats or uncultured youth is also a very common occurrence during the occasion of Holi. It is not surprising that families do not allow female members to step out alone during Holi and even women feel insecure stepping out of their ‘safe’ zone. With the number of eve-teasing cases rapidly increasing in all parts of the country, it is important for the girls to ensure their personal safety and not fall as a victim of such vicious acts.

How can you justify men groping women and using on colors on them forcefully and getting away by simply telling ‘Bura na mano Holi hai?’ Well, these men should be given a clear message that it’s not ok and girls do feel bad, even if it’s Holi.
It is important to take consent of a woman before putting colors on her. If a girl is in a happy mood and basking in the spirit of Holi, this does not mean a positive sign for creeps. This Holi be more aware of your surroundings and ensure that you move around in the company of true friends.

Awareness is what our society needs in the present scenario.

Recently a campaign against eve teasing during Holi was initiated in Jaipur with a message that asking consent is mandatory. Such initiatives will surely make a difference and put an end to such shameful acts that spoil the real fun and meaning of the festivals. Enjoy a safe Holi and pledge to make a difference!

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