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This Iranian female body-builder is in Jail for posting her nude photos on Instagram.

Stereotypes we all believe in that only boys go for bodybuilding in gyms. There are many females who have their interest in bodybuilding and are into WWE championship shows. We have an idea about the Iranian culture where girls have to be dressed in a particular manner. This female from Iran is a bodybuilder and has been arrested for abiding the rules and being ‘Unslamic.’

Shirin Nobahari has an Instagram account where there are 6500 followers of her and 208 photos. In Iran a female cannot be dressed where she is showing her shoulders there, she is posting photos of her being all nude. Humidity pictures on social media become a global issue and in such a country where they are so strict with the rules adds on. Her nude pictures before that she used to post pictures of popular trend ‘Gym Selfie’.

Here are some pictures of the Iranian female bodybuilder.



Many people believe that she has participated in the International competition last September. The photos in unethical on Instagram were noted by the law and she had even received a legal notice warning her on her pictures. Iran judiciary cannot take anything as such at all in their country as it affects the culture of the country and all the women get a wrong influence if strict action won’t be taken.

This is a video of Shirin Nobahari working out in Gym.



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