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This Heartless Man Ran His Car Over A Sleeping Stray Dog Because It Urinated On His New Car!

Saurabh Dukhande from Mumbai ran his car over a stray dog as he thought that the dog have pee’d on…

By Administrator in Viral on October 25, 2016

Saurabh Dukhande from Mumbai ran his car over a stray dog as he thought that the dog have pee’d on his new car. This inhuman act was captured by CCTV cameras installed at Dukhande’s residential building in Vasai. The police have booked Dukhande under section 429 which is cruelty to animals act of the Indian Penal Code. Sadly, accused Saurabh Dukhande’s inhuman act damaged the spinal cord of the poor animal and left it battling for life.

While we are disgusted by the man’s cruelty, we don’t understand on what basis someone runs his car over a living being? Is someone’s life so not valuable for people?

According to the CCTV clip, the car ran over the dog and dragged it for about 10 feet. Nanda Mahadik, an animal lover from the same locality said she rushed to the spot after hearing the dog crying and when he reached there she saw this evil guy crushing the poor animal from his car. When she reached the spot she saw the dog was bleeding and was in intense pain. He could not move his legs on seeing that she rushed the dog to a vet, who advised her to take him to a specialist as the injuries were serious and later on consulting the specialist she was told that his spinal cord was smashed in the incident and his chances of survival are very less, as reported by Mumbai Mirror

The accused, Saurabh Dukhande took revenge on the dog and ran his car over him because he thought the dog peed on his new car.

The dog survived the incident but needed emergency treatment so was taken to veterinary hospital in Kandivli in a critical condition. Nanda Mahadik, who witnessed the incident told entire story to the police. The dog may never walk again as he has severely damaged its spinal cord.

An FIR has been registered against Saurabh Dukhande, 23-year-old for running over a dog that had urinated on his new car tyres. Soon an arrest shall be made by Palghar Rural police, may be tomorrow.

On the other hand, there has been a major development in the case. While the accused has still to be arrested, a case against him has been created under “relevant sections” of the IPC. The Saurabh Dukhande may get bail as the offence committed is bailable under Indian laws. Nanda will be following up with the police to ensure charge sheet is filed asap and the legal proceedings for the case starts as soon as possible.  A letter will be send to the accused’s employer about this awful act of animal cruelty in the capacity of an Hon by animal welfare officer, appointed by the Animal Welfare Board of India – Government of India. We hope that a strict action is taken and justice is served.

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