This Guy From Mumbai Will Show You How To Pick Up Desi Girls By Singing Songs

There can’t be limited ways to pick up girls. Ok, let me express it in a different way. Can we ever have enough ideas to woo a girl or a women? How will she get impressed? Why is she looking at me? What makes them share their number? How to catch her attention? Aren’t these the kind of questions that half of the population is wondering about? While the other half of it already has the number and the girl, the rest are just concentrating in cracking up more and more ways to get those ten digits.

People Normally work hard, wander around the girl, try to be good, impress her, take her out for dinner, surprise her and the main and important thing they do is to send her Gifts just for the attention. Now we have a group with us who has a new way of impressing girls and you must have a look at it. Also Read: After Pakistani Chaiwala Now We Have Nepali Tarkariwali

Funk You is a group of lighthearted youngsters who has compiled a string of clips that has a melodious guy singing some romantic songs to random girls and asking for their phone numbers. Won’t you blush if someone does the same thing with you? I surely will.

Trying To Pick-Up Girls In Mumbai Is Not That Difficult?…LOL!


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