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This Fan was spotted at Melbourne Cricket ground wearing Pakistani jersey with Dhoni’s name on it.

India vs. Pakistan, this rivalry is the most popular event in the world of cricket. This rivalry has been only limited to the World Cup matches and T20 matches between the two nations. The rivalry between the two countries for cricket and made the fans sad as much actions are not seen these days.

While Dhoni enjoys the backing up his team India where every they go to play across the globe. It was heart touching to see Dhoni’s fan confess his admiration towards the Indian wicket-keeper during the ongoing Test match between Australia versus Pakistan at Melbourne.

What was, even more, surprising that a fan stood out of the crowd where he was spotted wearing Pakistan cricket team’s ODI jersey with MS Dhoni’s name and number 7 written on it. This picture went viral on the internet after the second-day test match.

pakistan india

This picture has warmed the heart of people across both the countries.

As the cool captain of India, Dhoni has made India win three ICC trophies -ICC World Twenty20 in 2007, ICC World Cup 2011 and ICC Champions Trophy 2013, and now is all ready for ODI and T20 series with England. He would appreciate and would be happy on seeing such great support and fans from Pakistan.


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