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This Ex-contestant Of Bigg Boss 10 Says, She Faced Inequity Because She Was From Small Town!

The TV reality show Bigg Boss 10 is over and Manveer Gurjar the commoner won the show. Though the show…

By Administrator in Television on February 28, 2017

The TV reality show Bigg Boss 10 is over and Manveer Gurjar the commoner won the show. Though the show is over but it looks like still the contestants are not done. Recently, Rohan Mehra shared a video on Twitter about the voting issues of Bigg Boss, and now Lopamudra has something to say. Lopamudra was the second runner up of the show and has won many hearts with her stint. Lopa was a fair team player, and her popularity was the proof as she reached till top 3 contestants.
Recently, Lopa was seen at the press conference in Nagpur; there she said she faced discrimination in the house because she is a small-town girl. At the press conference Lopa said, “When I was in the Bigg Boss’ house, I didn’t miss my cell phone or internet access…” “…what I missed the most was kadhi-chawal cooked by my mom and the comfort of my home. More so, I missed the love and of Nagpur.”
Lopa was asked about her lowest point in the house, she replied, “A lot of people tried to put me down in the house, but I fought back with conviction.”
She said she was underestimated in the house, “Some contestants underestimated me because they couldn’t believe that a small-town girl can reach heights.”

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She also said she faced Discrimination in the BB 10 house, “I faced discrimination in the house because I am from Nagpur and they tried to gang up against me. But the love and support of Salman Khan was very encouraging. And I will cherish it forever.”
In BB 10 Lopa was a celebrity contestant, and she had also represented India at ‘Miss United Continents 2016’ and was crowned second runner-up. She already has a name then how can anyone treat her as a small town girl.
All the contestant has a rough journey in the BB 10 house. We all saw her best friend was Rohan Mehra. After the show was over Rohan, Kanchi and Lopa were seen together with other contestants in the Bigg Boss after party. They even shared their pictures on social media. Nowadays Lopa is busy giving interviews.

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