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This emotional video of a Pakistani Girl meeting her parents after seven years will make you want to hug your parents

We all know nothing in this universe is more precious than parents love whether it’s India or its any other country in the world. Recently, I came across a video on Youtube that said ‘WHEN I SURPRISED MY PARENTS AFTER SEVEN YEARS’ and I couldn’t stop myself from clicking it and what I saw actually made me cry.
This emotional video shows the girl named Ayesha ChaudhryAyesha Chaudhry who is a Psychiatric Nurse and is training as a doctor in London coming back to Pakistan, Lahore where her family and relatives are based and the reaction what her parents had on seeing her after 7 years of Studying abroad was what touched me. In the starting of the video Ayesha also says that she came from a middle-class family and she and her parents saw a dream 20 years back that she becomes a doctor when she grows up and now with all the hard work she gets her doctor degree.
We and our parents have some or the other dreams that we want to fulfil, we have worked very hard and we have come so far to achieve the dream that we forget that this wasn’t only our dream we have our parents, our family behind who saw the same dream with us, who compromised on this so that we can achieve that position on which we are today, so it’s totally wrong to forget our family when we achieve something and that’s what this video emotionally shows.
That song in the background ‘Lag jaa gale ke fir’ makes the video more emotional and if you haven’t cried watching this video you should watch it again.

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