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This Dutch woman fights for her 2-yr old daughter and her appeal on Twitter goes viral.

A Dutch woman who got married to an Indian ambassador in Amsterdam is getting viral all over the Internet. Nadia’s life…

By Administrator in Viral on December 27, 2016

A Dutch woman who got married to an Indian ambassador in Amsterdam is getting viral all over the Internet. Nadia’s life turned miserably like many other women after marriage, and no one again can be blamed since it was a love marriage. Five years of marriage her husband is an Indian businessman due to which she and her family often had to visit Mumbai for work.

Nadia posted a five-part post on Facebook and Twitter after her 2-yr old daughter was missing. She found that her daughter has been kidnapped by her own husband. Their marriage was not a happily after scene, before marriage, my husband used to say me I look beautiful and compliment me always but after marriage things changed. Fights and quarrels were more never ending after 3-years of marriage we had a baby girl name Insiya.

Her husband had been really miserable she had to travel 6 times to Mumbai with her newborn baby. He even tried being physically abusive with her but she did not say that to anyone. Ultimately he left no option for her, she filed a complaint and appealed for divorce with him.

(1/5) ''I met him while I was volunteering at the International Indian Film Academy Awards in Amsterdam. He seemed…

Posted by Humans of Amsterdam on Saturday, December 24, 2016

On 29th September her daughter Insiya got kidnapped this was informed to her by her nephew where she had left her daughter. After which she couldn’t stay quiet and the mother in her arose like a hailstorm. She is not able to talk to her little daughter even once since she has been kidnapped.

Naida has been a brave mother and woman she took the help of social media to get help from the ministers on her sad issues. She has written everything upfront on facebook and has asked help from directly the Minister of External Affairs of India and Dutch both. She has tagged Sushma Swaraj in her post and believes that like many others she will find a solution to her problem also. Even the Prime Minister and BJP’s party official account has been tagged in her post.

Let’s do something more than pray. Sushma Swaraj we request for your help.

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