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This Dolphin dies while people just wanted to click selfies with her. Such Selfish Selfies.

We all so obsessed with our Selfies and the picture we want in our cellphones. Tourist has gone for selfies when they are out every new thing they see they want to take a picture. Nothing wrong in taking a picture but would you like someone hurting you while they take a selfie. Frankly, even if someone pushes us we start fighting then where does our humanity go with animals they are living beings like us and it’s our duty not to hurt them.
The heartbreaking news we heard last year of a baby Dolphin dying due to being outside of the ocean for a long while. The reason was that tourist bought her out just so that they could take a picture of the Dolphin and keep it as their profile picture on social media account page. Ridiculous how can we ignore humanity to such an extent that you kill someone. Selfie struck seems changed and now should be selfish struck images they are just images.
2016 we heard about it and again in 2017 something similar has happened. In San Bernando, 200 miles south of Buenos Aires a baby dolphin was pulled by a horde of tourist on the land. They took her out of the water, and that time it was alive and started patting her back as they thought she needed that, but inside they should have put her in the water where she could breathe.

Here is the video of how people have surrounded the Dolphin.

After the whole pampering which was just not needed for the Dolphin instead of being safe, she died. It was disgusting to know that people were clicking pictures when she was alive because of being outside the ocean she couldn’t resist the environment and die. How can we human be so selfish we should learn from the other species they cannot communicate but have far more sense than us.

What is wrong with humanity?

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