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This Differently abled women Virali Modi pens down a heartfelt letter to PM Modi or her horrible train journey.

There are markets for the masses and their need for their basic need to the lavish things they want to…

By Administrator in Viral on January 7, 2017

There are markets for the masses and their need for their basic need to the lavish things they want to live with. We have seen many changes that have taken place as the years pass by. Still, there are many disabled people who face problems in their daily life. Be it accessing any mode of public transport. Advocating for their cause and her own, this disabled women Virali Modi, penned down her feelings and wrote a letter to Prime Minster Narendra Modi.

While speaking to a web portal India times, she says that her doctors and therapists tell her to be independent, but my government and country doesn’t want me to be independent. My wheelchair isn’t holding me back it’s the lack of accessibility and proper infrastructure, along with the government which neglects it. She wants the government to take notice and make proper infrastructure, so the disabled people do not have to face any embarrassment like she did.And this courageous disabled women shows us that there is still changes that have to be taken place for the betterment.


And Virali writes a letter to PM Modi where she says that when she came first to India from the US and for the first time she was traveling in the train from India to Delhi. She was excited as well as worried because she knew that India was not fully accessible to wheelchair.She further wrote then when she reached the station it was full of bumps and there were no ramps to board the train, and for three times she was man held and had to board the train without any safety measures while boarding the train.She says that it has happened between 2008-2014 and she cannot even file a complaint against it because she doesn’t have any proof manhandling except my scarred mentality. When she heard the news about the Tejas express and the great work that Modi did to help out our population, she was intrigued to see whether something good has happened for the disabled people. She was shocked on seeing that there were facilities for the visual impairment. And was disheartened seeing there were no facilities for the differently abled people.

I hope that with this letter something good happens in 2017 for disabled people.

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