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This CCTV footage which shows a women molested by 2 men on the streets of Bengaluru goes viral.

Shame Game On! Bengaluru this New year seems to be a bad start and the start is not coming to…

By Administrator in Viral on January 4, 2017

Shame Game On! Bengaluru this New year seems to be a bad start and the start is not coming to any end. Delhi was always blamed when it comes to safety for women but Bengaluru is proving them wrong and it is nothing to be happy of a total shame. Rape, molestation serious issues are being fought by the country and everything is blur surfaced here.

After Minister’s statement which made the youth voice come loud this video again gives a slap on the face for the whole state. It could just a be a nightmare for a woman never wanting it to be a reality. This CCTV footage shows the nightmare into a reality and it is disturbing the pain she must have gone through. The woman was walking on the street at night when two men on bike came from the front. One men went near her and started touching her she was running while they caught her.

The men molested her while she fights back after which they threw her on the ground. While the girl managed to get up on her own the men ran away. Eye witness were no help to her at the moment they just ignored the whole incident and walked off like nothing happened. This all was caught in the CCTV cameras on the New Year eve night where everybody at the other side were celebrating New Year.

Here is the CCTV footage of the whole incident of molestation in Bengaluru.


The camera which caught the whole incident was actually set outside a house resident in East Bengaluru. They shared the whole footage to the police and the further investigation took place. There was no one who tried to stop the two drunk men that night and again a girl had to bear it all.Bengaluru is counted as one of the most safest city in India but this year 2017 is going to change the wole scenario seems like which is sad.

An Horrific night seems to have no end for Bengaluru.

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