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This bride’s dance on Cheap Thrills while getting ready for her wedding is the coolest thing ever!

Amisha Bhardwaj’s video tells you how you should have fun at your wedding, as the times have changed, and why should boys have all the fun? This bride is breaking the barriers and enjoying all the moments of her wedding to the fullest!

A video, currently trending on YouTube shows a bride dancing on Sia’s Cheap Thrills while she gets ready for her wedding. The video has been shot in Thailand and was posted on YouTube. Since then it has been immense love. She certainly has taken the wedding day parties to another level with her carefree dancing and nicely synced grooving of her friends.

Youtube Screenshot

Gone are those days when Indian brides were shy and coy, covered in a ghungatThis bride named Amisha Bhardwaj is one of the coolest bride, enjoying her ‘getting ready’ session with some amazing dance moves with her girlfriends and singing Cheap Thrills.

Delhi girl Amisha Bhardwaj has become an Internet celebrity already now!

Her wedding video, which shows her performing to Cheap Thrills by Sia, is breaking the Internet. Check out the video here and share your views about this video in the comments section below! Stay tuned for more videos like this!

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