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This Boy from Kolkata says 'Goodbye' on Facebook and next day commits suicide.

Now when I hear suicide by a boy/girl, it does not make me curious anymore to know about. Harassment and depression have become the main reason for the suicide of the youth of India. There have been ‘n’ number of cases reported in the case of suicide these days, and that’s the harsh reality of this generation. Parents and children have no communication, and things which need to be discussed are all deeply fitted into the corner of child’ heart.
A similar incident took place on Wednesday night in Kolkata, a case of suicide of a young boy. Samprit Banerjee, a student of Class 11, just had a post on Facebook which said ‘Gd Byee’ (Goodbye). The very next day of the post he hanged himself from the ceiling fan in his bedroom. Samprit was a commerce student and through his friend’s reports said that he was weak in studies. His grades and ranks were always poor.

Samprit’s last post on Facebook.

Source: Samprit’s Facebook account.

While the investigating the whole house, the police could not find any suicide note left by the boy. Later, his parents themselves admitted that they used to pressurize Samprit for his studies. Not only parents the boy was even harassed in school by his accounts teacher that’s when he stopped going to school. The boy had to bear physical and verbal abuse the teachers used to humiliate him a lot and the pressure kept on raising.

No comments have been yet made on the parents and teachers.

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