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An Auto Driver In Mumbai Has Started Using A Swipe Machine, Becomes first in the city to have a swipe machine.

The famous Rickshaw in Mumbai is Sunil Kumar’s auto and is famous in and around Juhu and Bandra. His rickshaw…

By Administrator in News on February 3, 2017

The famous Rickshaw in Mumbai is Sunil Kumar’s auto and is famous in and around Juhu and Bandra. His rickshaw has tricked out interiors, and he offers some enjoyment to the passengers. He even gives Wifi and a mouth fresheners. Sunil’s rickshaw was famous from first, but now his auto has become the first auto in the city which has got a Swipe Machine. Kumar also have a Paytm account; he made it after the government has announced the demonetization.

Sunil Kumar Singh said, “Before the cash crunch, I used to earn around Rs 700 to Rs 800 a day, but after November 8, it dropped to around Rs 400.” Then he borrowed Rs. 18,000 from his brother and he bought a swipe machine. He said, “I thought that it was only fair that an auto that is talked about for its great interiors and the conveniences it offers should also have a swipe machine. And my business, thanks to the machine and Paytm, is now back to normal.”


Sunil Singh is from Samastipur, Bihar he told to Mumbai Mirror that 70% of the passengers like to pay through Paytm and if a passenger uses debit card he loses 0.75% of fare and if they use the credit card then 1.75 but he doesn’t mind. He said,“I’ve had several customers who take down my number and call me when they are looking to hire a rickshaw. Most passengers prefer to use Paytm, but there are some who prefer using their debit cards. I think around seven out of ten customers prefer Paytm.”


Singh is popularly known as Ranjit. He says, without any delay he gets money from the banks. Sunil says,  “I suppose the government has a plan, but I got the swipe machine for entirely practical reasons. I spend a lot on the conveniences I offer my passengers, and nearly everything is free. So, I couldn’t afford to let my earnings be affected.”

Sunil Kumar Singh stays in Mumbai with his brother Anil. Anil works in Juhu as a production assistant with a film company. He came to Mumbai around ten years ago. Singh said, “As I looked around for opportunities, I decided to earn a living and started driving a rickshaw. In 2014, after almost a decade of renting a rickshaw, I brought my own vehicle.” Sunil then reworked on his rickshaw’s interior and today his auto has an LCD screen which plays songs and movies through Pen drive, an ashtray, mineral water, paper napkins, newspaper, magazines and there are three fans.

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