Angelina Jolie enjoys the stardom and has made her unique name in Hollywood. The American actress ‘Salt’ starrer has quality like salt, and everything is just tasteless in her absence. Angelina Jolie is being admired across the globe. There are many look-alikes like Angelina Jolie; some are naturally, and some just beautify themselves to be like her. Esha Gupta is also known as Asian Angelina Jolie, in Bollywood.

But what if we tell you that a girl looks alike Angelina Jolie that even Brad Pitt would get confused who is the real Angelina Jolie. Yeah! Internet explored a girl who is called as ‘The best look alike of Angelina Jolie’ This 24-year-old Chelsea Marr, from Aberdeen in Scotland is the finest discovery on social media. The girl has not yet disclosed her resemblance with the Hollywood star, whether it is natural or she tends to look like her. This young girl Chelsea Marr has set the internet on fire and the sensation she has created seems to be endless. She has started grabbing public attention overnight and enjoys 27.8k followers on Instagram.

Here is a picture of  Angelina Jolie


Here are the pictures of her look alike Chelsea Marr

Cheeky facey????

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Of course, Chelsea Marr’s pictures have been flooded with comments about her being identical to Angelina, and a fan from Kosovo kind of half proposing via Twitter. “If I can’t marry with Angelina Jolie, I want to marry with Chelsea Marr.”