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This 435-kg Pakistani hulk stops a moving tractor by his bare hands.

Social media needs no time to make someone famous. Hulk was not a real life phenomenon when Marvel introduced it in the early 1960s; people were just amazed by the myth. Hulk has no more remain a ‘Myth’ just a month before we heard about the 500 kg women who was helped by External Affairs Minster of India Sushma Swaraj. Now we hear about a new Hulk from Pakistan, and he is getting famous on social media.
This man from Pakistan is a known as a real-life Hulk, and his video is going viral. Arbab Khizer Hayat weighs a whopping 435.5kg and thinks that he is the strongest man in world existing. He is all fine and can walk he fights locally since his dream is to become a wrestler. In this video, Abrab is trying to pull the tractor with his bare hands while the tractor tries to take a reverse. He is only 25-yr-oldwhich is shocking and has a height of 6feet 3inches.
The most interesting part is his diet which leaves you stunned it’s unbelievable he has an unusual diet of consuming 36 eggs, 5 liters of milk, 3kg of meat every day. I couldn’t even consume so much for a week. Despite, all of this thankfully and the best part is he has no health complications. His primary goal is to become the strongest man in the world and the best wrestler.

Here is the video of the Pakistani Hulk which went viral on social media.

People would laugh at him if he they would know that he wants to become the strongest man and intends to become a wrestler. We are all unaware that he is a star in his country. People and reporters wait at his door to take a selfie with him and have a short interview. The main goal of the 25-year-old is to enter in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

We wish him Good luck for his future.

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