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This 28-year-old Desi Youtuber ‘Lilly Singh’ is in Forbes and earns as much as Ambani and Tata’s.

If you have dreams of starting earning in your 20’s, this Canadian rapper and vlogger will leave you in shock….

By Administrator in Viral on December 8, 2016

If you have dreams of starting earning in your 20’s, this Canadian rapper and vlogger will leave you in shock. Lilly Singh a Desi Youtuber who is in Forbes highest paid Youtuber and ranks third in the list. Hard to accept but the fact is just by uploading videos Ms. Singh earns $7.5 million in a year. 2016, has been her year, Lilly Singh, 28-year-old girl unbelievably reaches every youngster dream ‘Forbes’.

Lilly Singh is known as ‘Superwoman’ with love and she truly deserves it. Forbes second annual ranking the man leading the list of highest-paid YouTube stars was PewDiePie, number two Roman Atwood and on the third was Superwomen Lilly Singh. She has been working all day long and says no bad days happen to her.

The daughter of Indian immigrants often makes a video which our jokes on entitled ‘My Parents react to…” she typically presents herself in place of mom and dad both and makes desi videos with added music. Depressed girl in a room is where she all started from and discovered that Youtube would help her. Business was also in her mind and grabbed the great opportunity in a niche way.

Just in case you do not know Lilly Singh the ‘Superwoman’.

Singh has been working with icon Michelle Obama has even appeared in YouTube videos with James Franco and Seth Rogen and made it onto the staple all-American late night talk show Jimmy Fallon Getty Images. Being a 28 year she has shown a business graph scale on an individual level only through Youtube which is a big achievement and inspiration or the youth.

Here is the appreciating tweet from FORBES wishing her for her success –

What all makes her feel so amazing on the Youtube screen is that she is no magic or secret all that comes is through hard work. In every show, she just keeps in mind that she is no Lilly anymore only a Superwoman. After meeting Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan she was touched and can never forget that King Khan was screaming for her as she gets out of her car.

Now, This Desi Youtuber ‘Lilly Singh’ is Forbes highest ranked and earns in millions in a year and we are proud of her.

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